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Free payment processing for Veterinarians

Free Vivid Terminal with Cash Discount or Dual Pricing
Best Payment Processing for Veterinarians

At Vivid Health, we understand the unique needs of veterinarians, and we've tailored our payment processing solution to perfectly suit your practice. Our standout offering is our low-cost terminal, designed to streamline your transactions, making it an excellent fit for businesses looking for affordability without compromising on service quality.

Vivid Health isn't just about low cost though; we pride ourselves on our excellent, customer-focused services. Our dedicated support team is always on hand to assist with any queries, ensuring that your payment processing runs smoothly.

Moreover, our Dual Pricing or Cash Discount programs bring even more value to your practice. These plans are designed to offer significant savings, making your business operations cost-effective. As an added benefit, any veterinarian signing up for either of these plans will receive a complimentary smart terminal for their front of house.

This smart terminal not only modernizes your operations but also enhances the customer experience. With its sleek design and user-friendly interface, it's sure to impress your clients while simplifying your transactions.

Choose Vivid Health today and experience the best in payment processing solutions. We're committed to providing veterinarians with services that are just as exceptional as the care they provide to their patients.

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