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Banks & Credit Unions

As a technology-driven partner, we equip financial institutions to bring exciting innovation, boost revenue streams, and provide value-added services to their members.










24/7 Support







Where Vivid Fits In

Partnering for Success

Being connected to a full-service processor, all operations are handled internally, which includes partner and merchant support, underwriting and on-boarding, risk and compliance monitoring, and more. As a partner, this enables you to fully leverage our team to focus on what you do best.

Seamless Solutions, Zero Hassles

Our financial institution partners get the best of both worlds, a turnkey payments platform with no liability or minimum - enabling overcoming go-to-market, technology, and customer challenges with zero worries about back-end merchant management. Leverage a full-service provider through multiple sponsor banks, you benefit by adding non-interest fee income and are able to leverage the infrastructure of a proven and established payments service provider.

Elevate Retention and Fuel Growth

Vivid's commitment is to help your retention and overall portfolio growth of commercial depositors. We understand that your success is aligned with that of your small and midsized business customers. Our payment processing, analytic tools, and merchant-facing technology will keep your customers profitable and foster continuous growth and sustainability.


Our unique client and partner-centered business model ensures transparency and best-in-class support that leads to personal and lasting relationships with our merchants and partners.

We are committed to providing an unsurpassed level of customer service and to building a personalized business relationship based on professionalism and impeccable support. Additionally, our approach is to provide the technology and tools needed to supplement growth.

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A turnkey approach

Build Your Brand

Our platform can be completely white labeled so that your brand comes first, for you and your merchants.

Industry-leading Technology

Our payment processing, business analytic tools, and merchant facing technology will keep your customers profitable and foster continuous growth and sustainability.

Lucrative Income

Own your payment revenue instead of giving it away to someone else. Vivid provides industry leading buy-rates and lucrative revenue share.



We're a PCI Level One facility, meaning we adhere to the strictest security requirements for payment card data.



Vivid helps fuel your sales engine with both cutting edge technology and product expertise to help you close deals.



You and your merchant's are our number one priority. Our customer service is available 24/7/365.


Deployment & Onboarding

Our onboarding is frictionless and completely electronic. We can also handle your file builds and deployments.



Compete with the "best in the business''. Our approach is to be nimble and ensure both our merchants and partners are truly taken care of.


Customizable Approach

You have unique needs and we can help you grow without the worry of risk and the expense of servicing merchants.

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Stay Competitive with Point-of-Sale

Compete with tech companies at their own game. With Vivid you'll have access to our best in class suite of smart terminals and point-of-sale.

One Solution for Everything

Our solution can adapt to any restaurant and retail use. The custom features and settings easily accommodate different business types and sizes.

New Channels & Retention

Our POS will enable you to win deals where you might not have previously been competitive. You will also create more value-add to your existing merchants which will reduce attrition to technology competitors.

Customer Experience

Provide a consistently great customer experience with smooth and efficient service, while leading the industry with a top POS software and hardware offering.

Your Own Payment Gateway

Offer merchants a full service payment gateway under your own brand. Gone are the days of relying on, and losing revenue to 3rd party gateways. 

Virtual Terminal

Simply key in payment details within the dashboard to charge customers. Authenticate a card's validity prior to any type of payment.

Hosted Forms

Securely process payments using payment forms hosted within our environment for a reduced PCI scope.

Recurring Payments

Easily charge customers recurring payments with different scheduling periods. Store card data for recurring customers without worrying about handling sensitive card data.

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