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Replacing Revel with Vivid POS

With the recent acquisition of Revel by Shift4, many payment companies are once again

reconsidering their POS options. As we’ve seen with these acquisitions in the past, the purchaser solicits and forces merchants to switch to their processing, leaving you, the reseller out of the deal entirely. It’s a sad story that unfortunately has repeated itself time and time again, think Upserve and Vend/Lightspeed in recent memory. 

If you are a reseller who relies heavily on Revel, you may want to get ahead of this looming threat by finding a solid POS replacement. By making the switch now, you can avoid losing merchants and in the process, find a reliable, long-term solution that allows you to maintain and grow your payments portfolio.

Meet Vivid POS 👋 Built as a way to combat the constant churn of POS companies and endless cycle of situations mentioned above. We've built a safe environment for you to build your payments and POS portfolio without the threat of these so called "partners" soliciting your accounts.

Eliminate Attrition

  • Reach out to your Revel merchants before Shift4 begins to solicit them.

  • Offer a comparable solution that allow you to keep the processing.

Long Term Solution

  • Processor agnostic

  • Customized partnership programs

  • Strict non-solicitation clauses to protect you

  • Advanced POS functionality that dwarfs Revels capabilities, including Dual Pricing.

  • 24/7 multichannel support

Cost Effective

  • Reduce hardware costs by re-using your merchants current iPads

  • Hardware agnostic, Vivid works on both iOS and Android

  • Monthly SaaS fees are very competitive versus Revel

Time is of the essence as it won't be long until Shift4 begins to "recoup" it's investment. Learn more about Vivid POS to see how we can partner for the long run.


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