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Why Local Businesses Are Choosing Vivid over Square and Clover

In the competitive world of payment processing and point-of-sale (POS) systems, local businesses are increasingly choosing Vivid over industry giants like Square and Clover. This shift can be attributed to Vivid's versatile payment options, tailored software solutions, comprehensive support, and advanced billing features. Let's delve into why Vivid is becoming the preferred choice for merchants of all sizes.

Versatile Payment Options Catering to Diverse Merchant Needs

Vivid stands out with its array of payment options designed to suit businesses of varying scales. One of its most notable offerings is the cash discount option, which effectively eliminates credit card processing fees for merchants. This feature is particularly appealing to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are often burdened by high transaction costs. By providing a more cost-effective solution, Vivid helps these businesses maximize their profits.

Tailored Software Solutions: A Step Above Square and Clover

While Square and Clover are popular among micro merchants, Vivid offers a more diversified range of software solutions. VividPOS, the company's flagship software, caters to not just Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) but also Full-Service establishments, positioning it as a competitor to renowned systems like Toast and Lightspeed. What sets Vivid apart is its consultative approach, where each business is assessed individually, and the most suitable software is recommended based on the specific needs of that vertical or business type.

Unparalleled Support and Implementation Services

Vivid's commitment to customer support and service implementation is unrivaled in the industry. Unlike Square, which offers decent support but lacks in-store technology assistance, or Clover, which relies on Fiserv for support, Vivid boasts a nationwide implementation team. This team is responsible for hardware setup, training, and ongoing support, ensuring a seamless integration of Vivid systems into the businesses. Furthermore, Vivid provides 24/7 remote support and a dedicated relationship management team to aid in business growth, setting a high standard for customer service.

Advanced Billing Software and Payment Flexibility

Vivid's edge becomes even more pronounced when it comes to billing software and payment options. While Square offers online and in-store payment options, Vivid enhances these with advanced billing software capable of handling ACH transactions, recurring billing, invoicing, and integrating seamlessly with online shopping carts. In contrast, Clover requires the use of multiple apps for different functions, and Square limits integrations with its software, thus restricting flexibility. Vivid's comprehensive and integrated solutions provide a more efficient and streamlined experience for businesses.

Conclusion: The Superior Choice for Business Growth and Efficiency

In summary, Vivid presents a compelling package for local businesses seeking efficient, cost-effective, and tailored payment processing solutions. With its versatile payment options, customized software solutions, exceptional support and implementation services, and advanced billing features, Vivid clearly stands out as a superior choice compared to Square and Clover. By choosing Vivid, businesses are not just opting for a payment processing system; they are investing in a partner that supports their growth and adapts to their evolving needs.

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