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Venturing into Healthcare Payments: ISOs & Agents

Healthcare Payments for ISOs & Agents

The healthcare payment industry has long been known to drag it's feet when it comes to modernizing its payment processing. With constant rules and regulations it has been difficult to sell a seamless payment processing option that integrates with the healthcare practice's EMR system.

Within healthcare, there is a need for streamlined integration between a practice's medical records, payment processing, and it's adherence to current compliance standards. Now more than ever, practices are looking to update their payment solutions and need seasoned agents to help navigate their transition and provide value.

Let's dive into some of the reasons why healthcare payments could be an advantageous vertical to explore:

Growing Need for Modern Tech

  • Advancements in payments, such as smart terminals, contactless payments, and data analytics, are replacing the traditional methods in which payments were processed in healthcare.

  • Agents with a solid understanding of new technologies can leverage their expertise to introduce more secure and innovative methods to process, manage, and secure payments

First Mover Advantage

  • Healthcare payments and practice management presents a new opportunity for those looking to venture out of the saturated restaurant and retail space.

  • By establishing a industry foothold now, agents can benefit from long-term growth prospects, recurring revenue streams, and opportunities for expansion into other sectors such as tele health, digital health, and chiropractors.

Payment Transparency

  • Traditional healthcare pricing are convoluted and opaque. Patients and practices are beginning to emphasize transparent care with transparent pricing.

  • By offering solutions that prioritize transparency, affordability, and convenience, you competitively position yourself as an agent who help practices drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Multiple Revenue Opportunities

  • The healthcare payments industry encompasses a wide range of revenue streams, including medical billing, claims processing, revenue cycle management, and payment processing services.

  • Don't just limit yourself to local practices. Forge strategic partnerships with healthcare providers, suppliers, and tech vendors to capitalize on the lucrative potential of the healthcare payments market.

Easily Address Industry Pain Points

  • Current payment processes in healthcare lead to billing inaccuracies, reimbursement delays, rising administrative costs and, compliance burdens.

  • Sales agents who can automate and address these pain points with Vivid Health will better establish themselves as trusted partners. Provide value by saving these practices thousands of dollars a quarter in wasted admin hours.

Sales agents can capitalize on these opportunities in healthcare payments by leveraging their expertise to forge strategic partnerships, deliver innovative solutions, and address emerging needs in the ever-evolving landscape of health. By staying informed, adaptable, and customer-focused, sales professionals can carve out a successful niche in this dynamic and rewarding sector.

Reach out to Kenzi Larkin, Head of Vivid Health, to learn how you can tap into this lucrative industry. For new agents, we are more than happy to get you started with lead lists, marketing collateral, and trainings.


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