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To Buy or Not to Buy Poynt: An Honest Review

Should I buy the Poynt terminal?
Should I buy the Poynt terminal?

In 2017, Vivid Commerce emerged as one of the pioneering resellers of the Poynt Smart Terminal. At the time, Poynt was a burgeoning private entity, having successfully raised funds to develop its innovative dual-screen terminal. The device's sleek design was an instant hit, leading to the rapid sale of hundreds of units.

The appeal of the Poynt Smart Terminal lay in its cost-effectiveness and the provision of essential light point-of-sale features that delighted merchants with the luxury of having a dual-screen terminal adorning their counters. Its mobility, compatibility with both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, and the ability to offer cash discounts to offset credit card fees made it a preferred choice. The terminal also supported a variety of popular apps, including Homebase, Mangomint, and talech POS, enhancing its utility. Most of these companies have moved away from working with Poynt.

Should I purchase the Poynt terminal?

However, challenges surfaced. Poynt's customer support began deteriorating, reaching a nadir in the summer of 2020 when nearly half of the merchants using Poynt terminals reported hardware issues, causing significant operational disruptions. Rather than addressing these concerns, Poynt chose to hike reseller fees, exacerbating costs for merchants and further straining relationships.

Communication with Poynt became increasingly difficult, with the company failing to fulfill its promises. The acquisition of Poynt by GoDaddy for approximately $350 million came as a shock to both resellers and merchants, given the prevailing challenges. GoDaddy's ambition to expand its commerce services portfolio and introduce a robust in-person payment terminal was clear, but its aggressive strategy to promote 'GoDaddy Payments' to both new and existing Poynt merchants sowed discord among its partners.

Disillusioned, many merchants transitioned away from Poynt, opting for alternative smart terminal solutions offered by Vivid Commerce, such as Vivid Terminal or Swipe Simple. The consensus was clear: despite its promising hardware and a user-friendly online experience for both merchants and partners, Poynt's rush to scale and secure a buyout overshadowed its commitment to customer and partner satisfaction.

Presently, GoDaddy's commerce page boasts a 4.7 out of 5 Trustpilot rating for Poynt terminals. However, a closer examination reveals a stark contrast, with actual reviews averaging at a dismal 2.1 out of 5. Although GoDaddy remains a reputable entity likely to thrive regardless, the Poynt venture is widely regarded as a misstep, failing to meet the expectations of merchants and resellers alike.

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