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Vivid Selects TRAY as the POS Solution for Multi-location Enterprise Restaurants

Point of Sale for Multi-Location Enterprise Restaurants
Point of Sale for Multi-Location Enterprise Restaurants

Vivid Payments, a leading provider of payment solutions, has announced its decision to adopt TRAY as the point of sale (POS) system of choice for multi-location enterprise restaurants. The choice was made due to TRAY's compatibility with existing Aloha and Micros hardware, as well as its affordability in comparison to other popular POS systems such as Toast, Upserve, and NCR.

The seamless integration of TRAY's POS software with Aloha and Micros hardware offers significant cost savings and convenience for restaurant owners. By allowing them to leverage their existing hardware investments, TRAY's software reduces the need for costly upgrades or complete system overhauls. This compatibility has been a significant factor in TRAY's adoption by well-established brands like IHOP and Applebees, which have been enjoying the benefits of the platform across their multiple locations.

One of the main advantages of TRAY's POS solution is its ability to centralize and streamline operations across multiple restaurant locations. The software offers a comprehensive suite of multi-location capabilities that enable enterprise restaurants to manage their inventory, employee scheduling, customer loyalty programs, and sales reporting in a more efficient and user-friendly manner. This enables businesses to make better-informed decisions and optimize their daily operations, ultimately leading to an enhanced customer experience and improved profitability.

Vivid Payments' partnership with TRAY will also help keep payment processing costs affordable for restaurants. As a result, restaurant owners can allocate more resources towards enhancing their menu offerings, staff training, and marketing initiatives. By opting for TRAY as their preferred POS system, Vivid Payments ensures that their restaurant clients receive a highly effective, feature-rich, and cost-efficient solution that can help them stay ahead in the competitive foodservice industry.

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