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Vivid Payments Unveils Payment Processing for Salon and Spas with AEVI

Vivid Payments, a cutting-edge payments company, has recently announced the launch of the AEVI smart terminal, specifically designed to revolutionize the way salons and spas operate. This innovative solution is a game-changer for small merchants, as it offers affordability, multi-MID capabilities, and a built-in scheduling feature to simplify business management.

Affordable Solution for Small Merchants

The AEVI smart terminal is an affordable option for salon and spa owners who are looking to upgrade their payment processing systems without breaking the bank. Vivid Payments understands the financial constraints faced by small businesses and has tailored its pricing structure accordingly. By offering competitive rates and flexible payment options, the company is making the AEVI terminal accessible to a wide range of merchants.

Multi-MID for Multiple Users

The AEVI smart terminal supports multi-MID (Merchant Identification Number) functionality, allowing multiple users to process payments on a single terminal. This feature is ideal for salons and spas that have multiple professionals working under one roof. By providing each staff member with a unique MID, businesses can easily track and manage individual sales data, improving overall efficiency and transparency.

Built-In Scheduling Feature

The AEVI smart terminal also comes equipped with a powerful scheduling feature, streamlining appointment bookings for both clients and staff. This user-friendly system allows customers to book appointments directly through the terminal or via an integrated online booking platform. Staff members can manage their schedules in real-time, easily making adjustments as needed. This feature not only enhances the customer experience but also optimizes staff productivity.

The AEVI smart terminal offers a comprehensive solution that addresses the specific needs of salons and spas. Its sleek design and user-friendly interface make it an attractive and intuitive option for both customers and staff. With its affordable pricing, multi-MID capabilities, and built-in scheduling feature, the AEVI terminal is poised to transform the way small merchants in the beauty and wellness industry conduct their businesses.

Salon and Spas get a free AEVI smart terminal if signing up for Cash Discount / Dual Pricing, reach out to

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