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Accept payments anywhere with confidence.

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Why SwipeSimple?

Easy to use technology compatible with any device

Schedule payments and securely store customer cards

Customizable settings for taxes, tips, receipts, and more

Access reports to gain useful business insights

Supports Cash Discount and Surcharging


At Your Computer

SwipeSimple makes it easy to take payments at your computer. Accept credit card payments however your customers want to pay with Invoices, Payment Links, and more.

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In Your Store

Thousands of small business owners—including salons, food and beverage establishments, and speciality retail shops—use SwipeSimple to accept payments and run their business more efficiently.

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On The Go

The best way to accept payments on the go. General contractors, limos and taxi fleets, towing companies and many others rely on SwipeSimple to accept payments when delivering services and selling goods on the go.

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Try it for yourself.

Find out how easy it is accept payments at your computer with SwipeSimple.


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