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Provide modern
payment solutions

We empower financial institutions with cutting-edge technology, enabling them to drive innovative solutions, increase revenue streams, and deliver value-added services to their members.

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Who are we?

Vivid Commerce is a leading provider of comprehensive payment and commerce solutions. Its full-stack platform offers a wide range of integrated solutions, including payment processing, point-of-sale systems,
and e-commerce - all customizable to serve your entire client portfolio.

As a technology-driven partner, we equip financial institutions to bring exciting innovation, boost revenue streams, and provide value-added services to their members.


The Difference Maker

Many banks struggle when they sell to medium or larger merchants. It’s difficult to compete because they have simpler terminals, no advanced point of sale software, and no product specialist helping them close deals. That’s where we can help.

Build Your Brand

Our platform can be completely white labeled so that your brand comes first, for you and your merchants.

Industry-leading Technology

Our payment processing, business analytic tools, and merchant facing technology will keep your customers profitable and foster continuous growth and sustainability.

Lucrative Income

Own your payment revenue instead of giving it away to someone else. Vivid provides industry leading buy-rates and lucrative revenue share.

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Main Office
1 Harbor Drive, Suite 300
Sausalito, C
A 94965
(800) 496-0437
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