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Designed by restaurateurs for restaurants.
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Built with you in mind, Vivid provides the tools and technology you need to streamline your operations and grow your business intelligently.
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A seamless platform to manage orders, sales, and payments all in one place.
Built to Last
Durable hardware constructed to handle the rigors of the restaurant environment.
The Speed You Need
Lightning-fast processing power allows your business to run with zero lag time ensuring speedy and efficient service.
Sleek Design
Say goodbye to your old clunky POS hardware! AMP provides a full suite of high performance, well designed hardware to fit any establishment.
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Intuitive and Easy to Use
A modern, clean interface that provides a refreshing yet familiar user experience.  
Cloud Based
Securely manage every aspect of your restaurant from anywhere, anytime.
Powerful Customization
Design the POS that fits your specific preferences. Our software allows for advanced customization and configuration.
Processor Agnostic
Use Vivid's payments or bring your own. Either way we fully support payment services.
Fully Integrated
Make payments easy with Vivid. Vivid card readers seamlessly integrate with our software to make setup easy and running transactions effortless.
Accept All Payments, Anywhere
Accept payments seamlessly and securely. All card readers are enabled with EMV and NFC payments.
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Key Features
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Table Management

Create a virtual dining room that reflects the physical layout of your dining area.

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Reporting & Analytics

Reporting unlocks the ability to easily see and analyze sales and labor data across your entire organization.

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Kitchen Display System

Seamlessly connect your front of house and kitchen staff in real time, improving efficiency and accuracy for your restaurant operations.

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Menu & Inventory

Efficiently manage your business from one easy to use portal - anytime, anywhere.

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Online Ordering

Offer your customers the ability to place their orders online for easy in-store pick up or delivery.

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Customer Loyalty

Offer an attractive and frictionless loyalty program to your customers to increase repeat business across all of your locations.

24/7 Support Comes Standard
Round-the-clock, US based customer support is always included. Our support team is available by chat, email, and phone 24/7, 365.
"Vivid is everything you want a POS and to be: efficient, reliable, trustworthy...and you never have to think about it because you know it's getting done with no fuss or drama. And the customer service is top notch!"
Rob Lightner
Co-Founder, East Brother Beer Company
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(800) 496-0437
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