The Most Advanced Restaurant & Bar Solution Available Today.


Veloce exceeds competitors by delivering intelligent features and flawless reliability. For example, menu, staff and stock configuration can be accessed directly from the POS system via visual and intuitive interfaces, without going through “Back Office.”


For maximum productivity: optimized real-time ordering and order management, perfectly aligned with your restaurant’s menu and all the promotions and choices you offer. No more wasting time!


Veloce keeps pace with new technologies and lets owners choose the equipment they want for their business including pay-at-the table solutions.


Veloce speeds up service thanks to its interface which shows the drinks to be prepared along with preparation instructions. The system even allows you to use an alternative drink if an item is out of stock.

Complete control

The system manages refrigerators, stock in multiple locations, liquor and automatically controlled drafts. It works with the various control systems on the market.

A powerful management system

Veloce offers a powerful bar bill tool, and allows for real-time programming of multiple promotions.

Take-out orders and drive-thru service

Veloce is unquestionably the fastest solution for taking orders, selecting toppings, entering combos and taking payments. It puts an end to delays and simplifies line management at the counter.

Optimized deliveries

We have developed a special delivery module to effectively manage delivery drivers and their routes. It is now possible to use barcodes and scanning to analyze delivery times to clients and make sure that meals are delivered hot.

A kitchen adapted for quick service

Veloce provides essential tools so you can make your kitchen fast too: order transfer from one workstation to another, and wait, preparation and food warmer time management, all on an order display with a touch screen or “Bump Bar” keyboard.





Access your sales data and business statistics at any time to make informed decisions. Numerous reports and graphs let you cross-reference, compare and understand how your business is performing at a glance

Hear what our customers are saying.

Libro reservation lets diners make online reservations from google, business websites, social media pages, as well as from their established affiliates network. Libro provides affordable and transparent reservation booking so you can better track where customers are finding you.

Velmix is a revolutionary Liquor Control system helps you manage exact quantities of ounces poured. On top of that you can also manage your recipes (cocktails) for consistency. This management system is powerful and reliable, but most of all user friendly.

Maximize your kitchen efficiency with VelBUMP, a kitchen display management solution. VelBUMP allows your kitchen to be efficient and handle all orders visually on a Veloce monitor. The VelBUMP allows more than 20 functions compared to everything else available on the market.

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