var new_contact = { 'First name': 'John', //Replace with first name of the user 'Last name': 'Doe', //Replace with last name of the user 'Email': '', //Replace with email of the user 'Alternate contact number': '98765432', //Replace with a custom field 'company': { 'Name': '', //Replace with company name 'Website': '' //Replace with website of company } }; var identifier = ''; fwcrm.identify(identifier, new_contact);
Online Scheduling.
Next-generation salon & spa software powered by Mangomint.

Booking embedded directly on your website.

Allow your clients to book appointments directly from your website with our embedded online booking widget.

Excellent client experience.

Our simple and frustration-free online booking is a great way to start the client experience. No username or password required, so your clients can book quickly and easily with just their name and contact information.

Our online booking has a variety of customizable settings to give you fine-grained control to accommodate your preferences.

Customizable settings.

Get notified of all new bookings.

Easily keep track of your upcoming appointments and stay aware of new bookings by enabling email and text notifications.

Streamlined checkout.

Check out appointments, sell products, and memberships, redeem gift cards and packages, add and split tips and accept payments all without ever leaving the calendar screen.

Poynt Smart Terminal integration.

Our integration with the Poynt Smart Terminal enables a seamless checkout experience. Accept tips, sign, and send email and text receipts. Works with Apple Pay & Google Pay.

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