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VividPOS Welcomes Zuza and Lightspeed Resellers

In an exciting shift of dynamics, VividPOS, the renowned point-of-sale (POS) solutions provider, has announced an ambitious expansion strategy by opening its doors to resellers. The move highlights the company's commitment to leveraging the power of collaboration and diversification to offer an enhanced suite of software to all sizes of retail and restaurant merchants.

VividPOS's decision to welcome resellers represents a significant step in its mission to make next-generation point-of-sale solutions accessible to every retailer and restaurateur. With a vast portfolio of top-tier software solutions, VividPOS is well-positioned to cater to the unique operational needs of varying businesses, from small-scale retail stores to large restaurant chains.

Versatile Software Portfolio

VividPOS's extensive software range is designed to empower businesses of all sizes. Retail merchants and restaurant owners can take advantage of the intuitive and flexible platforms that are customizable to fit their specific needs. VividPOS's software solutions offer functionalities like inventory management, real-time reporting, customer relationship management, and integrated payments, among others.

Retailers and restaurant operators can manage their daily operations seamlessly, from tracking sales and inventory to analyzing customer behavior and trends, all on a single, user-friendly platform. The company’s commitment to digital transformation is clearly reflected in the multifaceted solutions it offers, making business operations more efficient and profitable.

Embracing Dual Pricing and Cash Discount Options

In an industry first, VividPOS is introducing dual pricing and cash discount options, giving resellers and their clients even more flexibility. These pricing strategies serve as an attractive incentive for merchants, aiding them in managing their financial operations more effectively.

With dual pricing, businesses can set two different prices for cash and credit card transactions, encouraging customers to opt for cash payments and thus reducing their overall credit card processing fees. Meanwhile, the cash discount option allows businesses to offer discounts to customers who pay with cash, incentivizing cash transactions and subsequently decreasing the burden of transaction costs.

Unparalleled Point of Sale Support

VividPOS's approach goes beyond offering innovative software solutions. Their dedication to providing exceptional support services is a cornerstone of their business model. Understanding that technical issues can impact sales and customer satisfaction, VividPOS has implemented an exceptional support system for point-of-sale operations.

Available around the clock, the support team consists of experts well-versed in troubleshooting and resolving issues promptly, ensuring minimal disruption to daily operations. They are dedicated to addressing customer inquiries and technical difficulties with comprehensive solutions to keep businesses running smoothly.

Stellar Sales Support Services

VividPOS's commitment to its resellers doesn't stop at point-of-sale support. The company provides a range of sales support services that are designed to help resellers succeed. Comprehensive training materials, webinars, and resources are made available to equip resellers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively sell and promote VividPOS solutions.

VividPOS is also committed to providing ongoing support to help resellers navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities, demonstrating their commitment to building a symbiotic relationship with their resellers.

Get Started

VividPOS’s new venture in welcoming resellers and the provision of an array of innovative software solutions and support services is set to revolutionize retail and restaurant operations.

By catering to businesses of all sizes and providing cutting-edge tools and unparalleled support, VividPOS is redefining what a point-of-sale provider can offer, driving the industry towards a more inclusive and technologically advanced future. Email