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Vivid Payments Celebrates Record Month with 25 Vape Shops Onboarded

VividPOS & Payments for Vape Shops
VividPOS & Payments for Vape Shops

Vivid Payments, a leading payment processing company, proudly announces a record-breaking month as they onboard 25 new vape shops to their platform. The rapid adoption of Vivid Payments by these businesses is primarily attributed to their retail point-of-sale (POS) system, VividPOS. Offering both Cash Discount and Dual Pricing options, the company has designed an advanced system that appeals to a wide range of businesses, particularly those in the vaping industry.

The Cash Discount feature of VividPOS allows vape shops to incentivize customers who opt for cash payments, resulting in reduced credit card processing fees. Dual Pricing, on the other hand, permits businesses to display different prices for cash and credit card transactions, providing flexibility and transparency for both business owners and customers.

One of the key factors behind the popularity of Vivid Payments among vape shops is their integration with a variety of smart terminals, including PAX and Advanced Mobile Payments (AMP). These state-of-the-art terminals enable vape shops to streamline their payment processing and overall operations, ensuring a seamless checkout experience for customers.

Another contributing factor to the success of Vivid Payments is their exceptional customer service. The company offers personalized support to vape shop owners, assisting them with everything from setup to troubleshooting. This unparalleled service has earned Vivid

Payments a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness in the industry.

In addition to their feature-rich POS system and outstanding customer support, Vivid Payments also provides cost savings for vape shops. The reduced processing fees and efficient payment solutions allow businesses to save money and focus on growth.

The rapid onboarding of 25 vape shops this month demonstrates the effectiveness of Vivid Payments in addressing the unique needs of the vaping industry. As the company continues to innovate and provide cutting-edge payment solutions, it's clear that the future is bright for Vivid Payments and the businesses they serve.

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