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Survival Tips for Restaurants During a Pandemic, Winter, and 2nd Lockdown.

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

California is about to lockdown the state with a 3-week shelter-in-place to combat Covid-19. Restaurants will not be allowed to have indoor or outdoor dining, making it nearly impossible to survive the already difficult cold winter nights.

Consumers will be locked in their homes and when tired of cooking for themselves, they will rely on the third-party delivery apps or pickup/delivery from their favorite local restaurant. During the pandemic, many restaurants have built an online menu via their website that’s mobile optimized and simple to order from.

Simplicity is everything

When consumers are browsing for meals, they can quickly become overwhelmed if the menu is crowded and doesn’t highlight the popular dishes. Our suggestion is to cut the menu in half and only offer the top selling items. Simply put, if it doesn’t make up 10% of your revenue, get rid of it. This doesn’t have to be forever, just try strategizing around a simple-to-order pandemic menu. Why? Consumers have too many options today and they browse quicker than they think. Make it simple for anyone ordering. This should ultimately help your team save money versus needing to stock up for a tuna melt nobody ever orders (ok…bad example, tuna melts are delicious).

Technology is your friend

Technology is your friend during a modern-day pandemic. The majority of consumers are ordering online, ordering ahead, and ordering on third-party delivery applications. If the experience is simple, the consumers will remember how easy it was to get food in their hands. Look at your commercial competition (Dominos, Shake Shack, Chipotle) and study their check out experience. They spent millions on analysis so you can quickly learn what a check out experience should look like.

  • QR Code: Make sure you have a QR code at front of house for in-person traffic to pull up a menu and check themselves out.

  • Online Ordering: If not a high traffic area, build an online menu that can be accessed at the center of your website, on social media, and is mobile optimized (easy check out experience on mobile phone).

  • Delivery Apps: Yes, third-party delivery apps take a percentage but they’re also a network of consumers you have not reached. Call up UberEats, DoorDash, Grubhub, etc and shop to find what platform is best for your business.

  • Delivery App Integration: Many companies like OrderOut.co will actually help consolidate third-party delivery apps so all the orders come to one printer or to your POS (limited based on integrations).

Make an impression

Life sucks right now. It doesn’t matter who you are. We all miss going out to our favorite concerts, sporting events, and restaurants. When everyone is feeling down, it’s the easiest time to stand out. Leave a meaningful mark so the consumer doesn’t check you off as just another restaurant.

A few things you could leave in the take-out bag:

· Thank you note

· Asking the customer to follow you on social media for a prize

· A message about the restaurant’s history

Any content is good content. People are tired of searching through Netflix and Instagram. They need something authentic in their life right now. Let them know we’re all in this together and their local restaurant isn’t giving up.

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