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Copper, a contactless payment option for legacy POS merchants.

Today customers expect fast, efficient, and comfortable payment options when presented with the bill. Now with COVID-19, contactless payments is a 'need-to-have’ option for customers during check out. The challenge for many merchants is integrating contactless payment solutions with legacy POS systems. These legacy systems are known to lack a good check out experience and not have an affordable solution to become EMV compliant.

The Copper Cord is plug-and-play technology that enables merchants to upgrade their existing POS solution to support pay-at-the-table handheld devices as well as QR code payments. It's easy to use and takes 10 minutes or less to set up.

When the bill arrives at the table, customers use their phone to scan the QR code with the camera app. The check out experience is PCI-compliant, EMV-ready, and includes every major payment method.

Let's try it out...

Open the camera application on your iOS or Android phone and face your camera over this QR code...

Your phone will recommend a URL (cop.pe) to open via your browser. "Once opened, you are presented a detailed bill and given the option to 'checkout'. You're able to add a tip and pay with most universal payment options including Apple Pay and Google Pay.

The set up literally takes 1 minute and the the chord is extremely affordable ($10) compared to other products integrating EMV payments to Aloha, Micros, and other Legacy POS. For smart terminals, Copper gives them the ability to provide contactless payments with a QR code.

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