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Online Ordering.

Vivid makes online sales and mobile transactions easy for you and your customers. From online ordering to website shopping carts, Vivid provides everything you need to get your business on the web in no time.

What Online Ordering Can Do For You.

Increase Sales

Streamline Operations

Enhance Customer Experience

Commission-free on every order.

Avoid the expensive ordering platforms and fees, including the steep commissions associated with food delivery services – putting more money back into your business.

New sales channel for growth.

Attract remote customers by offering convenient online ordering where they can schedule their preferred pickup or delivery time. Online ordering capability will help grow your customer base, and significantly increase the average order size.

Streamline the entire ordering process.

Online-Ordering integrates seamlessly with your onsite POS, kitchen display, and PA systems, reducing staff involvement for customer orders.

With Online-Ordering, customers select exactly what they want eliminating those awkward miscommunications that can occur with phone orders. Reduce order errors and save valuable staff time and inventory.

Save time and money.

Increase loyalty with digital incentives.

A built-in loyalty program gives your customers incentives to re-order from your restaurant. By collecting “digital stamps”, your customers can enjoy rewards that you decide. Everyone likes free stuff!

In just a few clicks, customers can place their ideal order for immediate pick-up or schedule at a time more convenient. With auto-fill features, returning customers save even more time placing orders.

Ordering made simple.

Questions about online ordering?
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