Accept credit cards at 0% cost.
Achieve 100% compliance.

Keep 100% of your sales revenue and offset your processing costs. In today’s competitive market, running a successful brick and mortar business can be costly. Thin margins require you to focus on high quantities, and that’s not even getting into the stress of additional costs and fees. If you could find a way to retain more profits wouldn’t you?

Program Details

Keep up to 100% of your sales revenue and offset your processing costs.

• Incentivize Cash and Debit Payments

• Fully compliant with state and federal laws

• Retain up to 100% of your revenue

• Ensure a seamless sales flow

How does it work?

The Discount program provides a solution for you as a merchant to offset your credit card processing fees. By offering a decreased price for cash purchases, you reward customers for paying in cash and in turn retain the money you would have paid in credit card processing fees.

Free Hardware

Get a FREE payment terminal when you sign up for the cash discount program. You will also be provided with the appropriate signage to help you stay compliant.

Cash Discount Pricing

Average Ticket LESS than $20?


per transaction

Average Ticket GREATER than $20


Flat Rate

Start increasing your
revenue now.

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